PIC Sports club

Get ready for an exciting journey of physical activity and camaraderie as the Princeton Islamic Center gears up to launch its highly anticipated Youth Sports Program! Designed to foster a sense of community, health, and discipline, this program offers an engaging platform for young athletes to explore various sports in a supportive environment.

Choose the Sport that’s right for you.

Our Youth Sports Program aims to instill values of teamwork, respect, and perseverance, all while honing athletic skills and promoting an active lifestyle.

Hassan Tariq
PIC Youth Director

Meet Hassan, a vibrant member of the Princeton Islamic Center community actively engaged in diverse sports at a regional level in Pakistan. Explore his journey and discover the dynamic intersection of sports and community within the PIC family.

Sports Coordinator

Faraz Khan


Nayef Shean

Abdul Hadi

Shahzad Asghar

Shujaat Khan

Sports Coordinators

Abdelilah Homi

Ali Ashur

Shahzad Azghar

Shujaat Khan