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About Us

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Princeton Islamic Center

Princeton Islamic Center (PIC), located north-east part of Collin County, was established November, 2019 to serve the religious and spiritual needs of the Muslim families in Princeton and surrounding areas. PIC is an inclusive organization that is built to promote and upheld the core values of islam and contribute meaningfully to our community. PIC welcomes all, including non-Muslims, who want to learn more about Islam.


To enrich the spiritual lives of Muslim families in Princeton and surrounding areas by providing a place of worship and after school and Sunday programs for the community.

Board of Directors

The BOD at PIC is responsible for administering the day-to-day affairs of PIC, taking care of and maintaining PIC’s facilities and properties, managing expenses as approved by the BOD, and performing such acts that may be necessary for achieving the goals, vision and overall objectives of PIC. PIC has seven (7) Board of Directors (BoD). The current Board of Directors  are:





Vice President


Shura Member





Khairul Kabir




Shura Member



Shura Member


Mohamed Aitbalkheir

Mohamed Aitbalkheir

President, Founding Member

Mohamed Aitbalkheir was one of the founding members. He contributed significantly from inception, through construction, and the succeful startup of the masjid. In fact he was the person who identified the rental facility that became the first PIC masjid. Mohamed Aitbalkheir served as the President for the first Board of Directors from September 2019 through July 2023 when he voluntarily decided to step away from the role and not seek reelection. During his tenure, the BoD succefully secured a Letter of Intent for a 5 acre donation in a prime and strategic location within Princeton thus setting the frame work and the vision for PIC’s future growth.

Kabir Hussain

Kabir Hussain

BoD, Founding Member

Kabir Hussain was one of the founding members and one of the first people to passionately advocate for the creation of a masjid in Princeton, TX. He hosted several meetings to gather what was then a very small Muslim community in Princeton to rally everyone behind the idea of starting a masjid. In fact, he offered his house as a temporary Musallah and that is where members of the community used to pray as a Jamat until PIC was established. Kabir Hussain was very enthusiastic about the masjid project and personally reached out to his family and friend circles to bring a much needed fund to help the construction of PIC for example he arranged the first ever donation to PIC from a relative in Saudi Arabia. Kabir Hussain was an active member of the first BoD from September 2019 until his death on August 29, 2020. In recognition of his enormous contribution, his BoD position remained vacant until the tenure of the first BoD ended in July 2023. May Allah bless his soul, protect his family, and may Allah reward him immensely for his vision to establish a masjid in Princeton and his personal sacrifice to bring his vision to life by investing his time and resources in the construction of the first PIC masjid.