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Why Get a Membership?

  • Get priority registration for all PIC events.
  • Priority & early registration for member kids in the PIC education program.
  • Access to a member portal for convenient management of member transactions.
    • Access to payment receits
    • Access to end of year tax receipts
    • search, register, and pay for events
    • enroll kids in PIC classes and pay tuition.
  • Access to exclusive member discounts.
  • Members who meet additonal requirements set in the PIC Constitution are elegible to vote in PIC elections or to become Shura nominee

Priority Access to PIC Events

Be the first to know about and register for PIC community events

Early Registration for Kids

Tired of your kids being in a waiting list for Quran class? Give them priority registration to all PIC educational programs!

Convenient Member Portal

You donate, pay for your kids’ education, pay sadaqah and sometimes zakat, why not get organized and track all transactions in one convenient member portal?

Voting Rights for Eligible Members

If you meet the residency and all other requirements listed in the PIC constitution, you can shape the future of PIC by voting in the elections or if you are ready for a leadership role by running for a Shura position


Pricing shown is per adult. Households with more than one adult will need to submit individual registration for each adult that wishes to become a member. PIC Shura reserves the right to make changes to the pricing of the PIC Membership.

Monthly Membership

PIC offers the flexibility of being able to pay for your membership monthly. You get full access to all member benefits that you are elegible for.


Annual Membership

Want to save 33% on your annual membership? Choose the annual plan! We will remind you when your annaul membership is due for a renewal